5 Free Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bills

5 Free Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Power Saving Tips
Expensive electricity bills? You can do something about it. Follow these free energy-saving tips.


Install a smart thermostat or thermostatic radiator valves for your entire house.

These heating controllers will allow you to set the heating temperature in each room and even the hot water in your cloakroom and bathroom. Getting a smart thermostat, which provides the same heating controls on the Internet. It also comes with cool features, such as weather forecasts and your daily routine.


Replace old appliances and light bulbs with new energy-efficient models.

Older versions of electric appliances and light bulbs have been proven to consume more electricity to power up as opposed to their newer counterparts that claim to be more energy efficient. The mere act of replacing all the old light bulbs in your home with an LED bulb can cut your electric bill up to £80 each year. An LED light bulb cost only £1.70 to run annually while traditional bulbs cost more than double to run.


Be more mindful of your use of electricity.

A good habit can be as simple as switching off lights when they are not in use or when it is unnecessary can help reduce your electricity bill. Another brilliant strategy would be putting on a sweater or a cardigan instead of cranking up your heater higher. According to the Energy Savings Trust, lowering your room temperature by just 1 degree Celsius can save you around £75 per year from electricity bill.


Avoid leaving your electronic devices on standby and phone chargers plugged overnight.

This is an easy and effortless practice but saves you around £75 per year.


Address draughts, gaps, and poorly ventilated areas at home where heat escapes

Lost heat means wasted electricity and your money down the drain. There are a few good measures that you can put in place to solve this dilemma, from insulating your loft to applying draught-proofing strips to your doors and windows, or boarding up your fireplace when it is not in use.


Bonus tip: Get a professional electrician to check your electrical appliances, outlets, and wiring.


Electricians in Swindon

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