All You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Electrics

All You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Electrics

Aside from the fact that energy efficient electrics can help households save on electric bills, they are also an environmentally-safe option than their regular counterparts.

You might be wondering how these devices are capable of doing such a feat. They maximise small amounts of energy that are needed to carry out a function. Some devices are even capable of functioning under the lowest temperature and energy framework, maintaining their performance until the needed function is completed.

Some types of energy efficient electrics include electric fireplaces, electric heater, electric underfloor heating and many more.

If you are still not convinced that energy efficient electrics are the way to go, we’ll explain it to you further.

Energy Efficient Electrics help save you energy.

As we have mentioned earlier, these types of devices require a minimal amount of energy to carry out certain tasks, thus enhancing their productivity through energy consumption. The energy saved on the device can be allocated for another purpose or function within the home or office.

Energy Efficient Electrics help save you money.

By decreasing energy consumption, these devices can also work toward reducing your electric bills. If you incorporate purchasing energy efficient electricals with making improvements in your home and taking steps to make your daily life more energy efficient can help you save a lot in the long run. Some of the improvements you can implement in your daily routine are purchasing Energy Star devices (these can help reduce your electric bills by up to 30%), using energy efficient lights like halogens and LEDs (these can help you save up to 80%), and washing your clothes in cold water at 30 degrees.

Energy Efficient Electricals are environment friendly.

These devices were specially made to reduce the use of natural resources like water, coal, oil and gas: they were intended to conserve energy and bring about sustainable progress. Since they use less natural resources in order to function, they can help reduce pollution by reducing their amount of emissions and industrial effluents.

Are infrared electric fireplaces energy efficient?

Yes, they are. If you’re wondering how they work, just think about the sun. Both of them emit infrared light which is absorbed by our skin, the clothes we wear and the things that surround us. The process of energy absorption produces a heating effect.

Infrared electric fireplaces are capable of heating rooms faster and efficiently compared to their wood-burning counterparts. Traditional chimneys let the heat out because heat rises while infrared electric fireplaces keep heat within the room.

This type of electric fireplace is also powered by LEDs which consumes less energy as compared to an incandescent bulb.

An LED bulb has a regular lifespan of about 50,000 hours and it does not contain mercury. Because of this, operation costs are low and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Infrared electric fireplaces are also safer because they are cool to touch. An LED bulb uses 90% less heat as compared to an incandescent bulb: that’s why your hands don’t get burned if you touch an LED bulb, unlike traditional chimneys.

No trees are involved in the manufacturing of infrared electric fireplaces so that’s a plus point too!

What is the most energy efficient electric heater?

The most energy efficient electric heater is the kind that can provide a solution to your specific need. In order for you to determine which kind of heater to choose, take note of the following.

A convector heater is best used when;

  • You want to warm up an entire room for a few hours or much more.
  • You need a supplementary heating source.
  • You want to easily control your heater through a timer and thermostat, saving you money in the process.
  • You don’t want to overheat the room.

A radiant heater is best used when;

  • You want to warm up only a part of a room for only a few hours.
  • You want a quick burst of heat near you.
  • You prefer not to use a timer or thermostat.

Electric heaters are considered to be energy efficient because they are all powered by electricity. It is also worth noting that you need to be conscious of its usage so you won’t go overboard with your monthly electricity budget.

Is electric underfloor heating energy efficient?

Electric underfloor heating is made possible by placing a large system of underfloor wires in a room that you wish to be heated.

The benefits of electric underfloor heating include;

  • You can save on installation cost is easy because wires are easier to install than pipes that are required for water underfloor heating.
  • It helps save you space. The need for bulky heating devices and radiators are no longer needed. This, in turn, frees up space in your home. By moving your heating system below the floor, you are giving yourself the luxury of utilising your floor space for something else.
  • It provides heat more efficiently. Electric underfloor heating can heat a room evenly from underneath the floor. Traditional heating methods like radiator can only heat up the air surrounding it. They can operate at a lower temperature and maintain the level of intended warmth. This feature will help you save money on electric bills.

How to improve the energy efficiency of an electrical appliance

To improve the energy efficiency of your existing devices, you need to stop doing these bad habits.

  • Don’t leave your devices plugged in the power socket at all times. Even if you are not the devices, they still consume energy so make it a habit to unplug your devices when not in use.
  • Make sure your devices are clean. This often is not a priority for most device owners but it is worth noting that devices can accumulate dirt, lint or stains due to everyday use. The more dirt accumulates, the less efficient your devices will be.
  • Avoid purchasing devices with no Energy Star stickers. Devices with Energy Star stickers use less energy as compared to devices with no Energy Star stickers.
  • Not keeping an eye on your energy consumption. To determine if you are saving or wasting energy at home, you need to monitor your energy consumption from time to time. You can purchase an energy monitor to help you do this. Some companies even give these devices away for free. Put it in a strategic place where the whole family can monitor it. It will help you determine which devices use more energy, reminding you to cut back their usage.

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