Does your home need to Smart?

Does your home need to Smart?


If Smart Devices are not what you need, they could well be what you want. Smart devices are definitely the future. Here’s a round-up of gadgets you might need/want to install.

  1. Smart speakers. Systems like the Amazon Echo use an in-built microphone to listen to your voice commands. Ask ‘Alexa’ the Echo’s virtual assistant and ‘she’ will forecast the weather, relate the latest sports scores, convert pounds to kilograms, but more tellingly serve as a voice-controlled hub for your other smart gear. Other smart speakers exist, but the Amazon Echo Dot is a really good cheap start-off system. None of the smart speakers on the market are hi-fi quality, but the Dot can communicate with your superior hi-fi system.
  2. Smart thermostats talk to your boiler and can control radiators and water heating so that they can switch to an Away mode when you leave the house, saving you money. Or they can be controlled remotely via your smartphone. The thermostat can suggest when to turn the heating down and will email you a monthly energy summary. A great environment and energy bill-slasher.
  3. Smart tech offers a real benefit in security, giving you access to live feeds from cameras, cloud storage of footage, and even the potential for smart locks to govern who gets in and out. Netatmo and Netgear make great smart security cameras, but the Y-Cam Evo stands out as the best all-round indoor home security camera on sale due to a combination of hardware, software and free seven-day cloud recording.
  4. Smart lights are cool and fun. Most modern systems let you set brightness, tone and colour, and control your bulbs with voice commands. The Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit gives you a choice of 16 million colours. Schedule the lights to turn on and off at certain times of day or when you enter or leave the house.
  5. Vacuum cleaners. Not quite as effective as traditional cleaners, but they can work methodically around your home, capable of negotiating the slightest obstacles. Dyson comes up with an App which allows you to schedule when you want your robot to start cleaning. It will in turn let you know where it’s cleaned and where it hasn’t.

There are countless other devices out there to discover too, from smart plugs, to coffee machines and smart toothbrushes.

If you need professional help installing your devices and you’re local, we are EJS Electricals, Swindon Electricians. Give us a call.


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