Maintain Your Home’s Electrical System With These Tips

Maintain Your Home’s Electrical System With These Tips

Home's Electrical System Maintenance

It is easy to take your electrical system for granted, after all, flipping on a switch and plugging in an appliance only take seconds to do and you’re automatically provided with utilities. Wirings and potential problems are hidden within your walls and appliances, and a simple faulty wiring may incite a dangerous catalyst. This is especially true for older homes that don’t have an electrical inspection for more than a couple of decades. To prevent electrocution and fire hazards, we have compiled some tips to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Check if your lights are dimming.

If your light suddenly dims especially when you’re using a large appliance such as a dryer, it may be a sign that your wiring is inadequate. Flickering lights is also an indication of internal electrical wiring damage.

Prevent overloading.

One circuit can only take so many appliances and overloading can lead to power outages and wiring problems. Knowing which appliances take too much energy can help you prevent plugging multiple outlets in one circuit.

Examine the state of your outlets.

If your outlet makes the appliance go on and off, it is more likely worn out and is faulty because of multiple uses. But if several outlets produce the same result, there may be some connection problems with your electrical system.

Always use tested and certified electrical wiring.

It may be compelling to purchase a more affordable electrical wiring, but it is not worth staking your own and your family’s safety. Always choose certified electrical wiring as you can be assured that it underwent extensive testing.

Routine testing by a qualified electrician is vital to maintain your electrical system’s condition and to assure that your property is not in violation of any laws. You can also be informed of the possible electrical hazards that you don’t know are present in your home.

At EJS Electrical, we provide a wide range of electrical installations and services to a variety of domestic customers. The range of our electrical installation services is comprehensive and will cover straightforward tasks such as replacement or installation of switches and sockets, emergency call outs, general fault finding and repair, and bigger projects such as electric underfloor heating and inspection, testing and certification. If you have any queries about the services we offer, please call us on 01793 238806 or 07725 228145 or email us at and a member of our friendly team will be in contact promptly.

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