When should you call an electrician?

When should you call an electrician?

Carrying out your own electrical work at home can cut corners, but at what cost? Safety is an obvious issue. Electricity is extremely dangerous. It can kill. But there can often be a greater financial cost later on in rectifying a bodged DIY job that could have been avoided if a professional electrician had been hired in the first instance.

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A lot of people are happy replacing a faulty fuse in a plug. It’s a straightforward job, but you should never interfere with the actual plug socket. If your sockets have experienced some form of damage, you need to call a professional.

The more ambitious might try their hand at smaller projects such as installing light switches and light fittings, wall lights etc.; jobs that you might think too expensive to have done by an electrician. But often it’s the case that an electrician is called out to fix a simple job turned into a nightmare. To rectify faulty wiring that has been caused by the homeowner attempting to carry out the job themselves, damaged light fittings, damaged cables and switches. And in some cases electrical accessories have been known to catch on fire.

If you are working on home improvements, you may want to look at replacing the electrics in your house. This needs to be carried out safely and you should seek advice from an electrician. If you’re seeking it from electricians in Swindon, do give us a call.

We are often called by homeowners who have carried out repairs asking for us to certificate their own electrical work. Unfortunately we can’t do it. The work needs to be carried out by a professional from the outset.

As a homeowner you are entitled to carry out any electrical works in your home. But, be advised that you will be asked to present all the certification for the electrical work carried out if you ever move or rent your property. You cannot obtain the appropriate certification following your own installation of electrical work at a later stage.  If someone is injured or a property is damaged your insurance will be invalid if you do not have the appropriate certification to prove the system is safe.

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